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I grabbed a soda 5 minutes ago and noticed that it's the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Mountain Dew. It is the most unnatural shade of green, like antifreeze, yet tastes like there's a hint of fruit punch. If I actually drink this, I'm not gonna be coming down for breakfast tomorrow, right?

What is your single favorite beverage? Be as specific as you'd like.

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Ugh, headache...

Deadlift this morning, 155x1 warmup. Head pounding, went home. Blarg.

Showering now, getting to work early. I'll try to hit the gym tonight before dinner. This blows monkey spunk.
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found 1RM DL today

So I found my 1RM on the dead lift today. I was surprised, actually. 265lbs, which as of today (went to the gym weighing 179) puts me just a hair under 1.5x BW for a lift. Not bad I suppose for a first attempt, but I'm disappointed that my hands of all things were the failure point. I barely had enough time to get it to lock-out and get the bar down before it was slipping from my grip. ::sigh::

Anyway, since I haven't posted it in a while, here's today's workout

"Pull" Day:

135x15 (warmup)

Cable pulldowns:

120x8 (failure)

After this I'd already been there for over an hour, and since we had a full day, I called it quits. So... mixed it up, kinda good things and things to work on next time (grip). I can also tell that my back's gonna be a little tight tomorrow. Hopefully I can continue to see this decent progress. 315, here I come!

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Well I learned what a 5-week layoff from the gym does. It turns your muscles into useless pieces of junk. Before the wedding I had a DL of 225x5x5, a squat around 185x5x5 and a bench somewhere around 145x5x5

Last week on Monday I did a push routine with squats, bench, OHP and a woodchop twist.

Squat: (warmup, BWx15 + 45x15)

Bench: 125x10x3
OHP: 60x10x3 (30lb DBs)
Woodchop: 90x10x3

I figured that I'd be stiff afterwards, so I thought that I was taking it easy. WRONG. My quads were screaming in pain for the next 5 days, and my triceps took until Sunday to finally relax enough to say "Ok, I don't feel like I have rocks inside the muscle tissue anymore."

Today, a full week later, I finally got to my pull routine. Keeping it extremely simple and light, I only performed a couple exercises.

Deadlift: (warmup, 135x10)

Lat. Pulldown: 105x10x3
Neutral pullup (ass't, 40lbs): 10x1

After the pullup I was actually feeling kind of sick, so I called it a day and went home.

I had my plantar warts frozen after that this morning, so I won't be back until Friday. Ow.

Cutting ain't easy

So much for getting back down to 165# BW again before the wedding. With 45 days to go and being unwilling to do something drastic like PSMF, I'm still in the 173-175# range, and I'm not really able to get a consistent drop like last time. It could be that I'm just not moving around enough, and I'm eating too close to maintenance. The booze isn't helping I'm sure. I also haven't hit the weights in over a week, so that isn't helping. Hopefully I can go tomorrow morning.

My modified goal is to at least be in the 170# range before Oct 1st hits. That would get me into the high teens for BF%, which I can live with. 165 would've been better though.

Hope this is nothing...

Did some medium squats today after taking Monday off (still sore from chopping wood on Saturday. Good workout, destroyed hands). I got to the gym with a slightly upset stomach (maybe the coffee flavored whey? Not sure) but I ventured forth. Got up to a medium weight of squats, 185lbs I think, and afterward my right knee felt... off. Not sure exactly, maybe a tightness. I didn't go any heavier and started on my bench press, but only got through my second set before I had to hit the can. Lot o' gas, not fun. After that it was so humid in the locker room that I just felt like crap, so I left. Maybe I'll get back and finish things up in the PM.

If my knee doesn't auto-resolve itself or have any improvement in that tightness by tomorrow, I'm calling my doc. The last thing I need is to have my knee blow out with more than my own body weight on my shoulders.

I had more urgency yesterday than I've had in a while. I need to watch everything that I eat and make sure that I can rule out lactose as the reason. Hopefully this isn't another flare...

deadlift FAIL

So last week I had a major failure. Tired of waiting for Bobby to hit the gym and show me how to properly do a dead lift, I decided to do it on my own. Mistake! I was originally using the lever to mimic a dead lift, and although my arms were aimed differently, I thought it was a good representation of a dead lift. Wrong. Previously, I had a level dead lift of 280#, so thinking that I would start "easy", I loaded the bar to 225# and gave it a heave. No warmup, no stretching, nothing.


Other than realizing I was way over my head, I managed to lock my whole back up for an entire week. I haven't had DOMS like that since the first time I tried doing lever deads for the first time, back in March. Damn.

Well I tried again, a smarter man than I was last week. After copious amounts of stretching, I started with an easy 95# just to warm up (it was almost TOO light since I could lift it off the ground, good form or bad, without effort. Moved up to 115# then settled for the day with 4 sets of 5 reps at 135#. I just have to look at it as starting over, and working my back up from scratch.

My bench press sucked today. I had a weird click in my elbow that felt like it wasn't locking right, or it would pop outta joint or something. So after only 2 sets at 65#, I gave up. I did manage 2 sets of 4 pullups, and 2 more sets of 3 pullups. Meh, not great but it was something.

Tomorrow I may try squatting for the first time. That has me more worried than deads. Erg... we'll see. I still have overhead presses I could do, or lunges. I could even pound out some push ups when I get home to finish the chest/tri part that I couldn't this morning on the bench.

Keep on lifting. MORE WEIGHT!

Progress report

Well, I've been hitting the gym almost non-stop since last December. I figured that I'd jot down a few things that are good and not so good while I'm waiting for the bathroom to free up.

--My bodyweight dropped to approximately 165 lbs as of April, before I got hit with a bad colitis flare that kept me out of the gym (and almost out of work) for 4 weeks. During the flare, I dropped to just shy of 161, but that probably had something to do with an empty colon.
--I began using the lever deadlift machine, and as of today, was able to top out with 5 reps of 270# (4th set) and 3 reps of 280# (5th set) before running out of gas.
--My DB bench press is now using 65 pounders, which is up from maxing out with 5x5x120lbs.
--My weight is back up to 168# as of this morning. I'll continue to eat at this surplus until about 10 weeks before the wedding, then I'll trim back again. If I hit a desired weight/look too soon, I'll just eat at maintenance.

It's a big difference what eating at a surplus makes. Although I never felt exhausted/hurt before, when all my lifts stalled out and started regressing a bit, that was a little discouraging. Having the flare also sucked.

That's it for now. Gotta get ready for work. ROAR!

colitis is not your friend...

Got up at 4:50 to go to the gym. Had a protein powder drink, small piece of toast. Went to the john twice and left at 5:30. Arrived 5 minutes later.

My guts never settled down. After going, changing and going again, I grabbed my things and went home. It was just after 6. Now I'm on the throne again. Maybe I'll feel better this afternoon.

Weekly intake (so far)

Ok so this isn't the best way of doing it, but this is the week's summary, as I've kept it for intake. There's been exercise throughout, so I'll list that too.

1/17 (Saturday):
2230 calories, 70.5g fat, 53g protein, 236g carbs, 14g fiber.

Calories are high, but I spent 5 hours doing demolition in a friend's bathroom, taking it down to the studs. Feed the machine, they say...

1/18: (Sunday) - no record, but snowed this day. Shoveled, that was enough (1 1/2 hours).

1/19 (Monday):
1750 calories, 62g fat, 75.5g protein, 223g carbs, 20g fiber.
About an hour doing a circuit of nautilus. This included 5 rep bench press, 5 rep leg press, 5 rep overhead press, 8 rep single arm rows (dumbbell)

100lb, 105lb, 110lb, 110lb, 110lb - BP
260lb, 280lb, 300lb, 300lb, 300lb - LP
60lb, 65lb, 65lb, 70lb, 70lb - OP
50lb, 50lb, 50lb, 50lb - SAR

1/20 (Tuesday):
1700 calories, 40g fat, 122g protein, 203.5g carbs, 19.5g fiber.
No activity today.

1/21 (Wednesday):
1550 calories, 50g fat, 104g protein, 144g carbs, 13g fiber.
Quick workout today, 2 sets of nautilus.
110x8, 115x8, 120x5 - BP
280x8, 300x8 - LP
65x8, 70x5 - OP

Followed by a 19 minute, 1 mile, 538ft elevation hike. That's about 3.1mph, which isn't bad considering that I had no rest between the last leg press and the "hike".

Saw 169.6 on the scale this morning... damn.